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Implant Dentures


By having two implants placed into the lower jaw, a bar-­and-­clip apparatus can be fabricated. Then an implant­supported denture can be made which snaps firmly into place. This was the perfect solution for Carol, who struggled for years with loose dentures, and was also thrilled with the much better appearance of the prostheses that we made for her.


Judy had a very resorbed lower ridge and wasn’t a good candidate for a conventional lower denture. By having 4 implants placed we could make a milled bar with attachments on it so that her new prosthesis could have an extremely tight precision fit and barely even touch her gums.


Ivars wanted a new lower denture that would be as solid as possible. We had 4 implants placed to support a gold bar so that we could make a denture with 3 clips to snap into place on the bar.


Terri had very sensitive gum tissues, causing significant discomfort with her lower denture. She was a great candidate for having 4 implants placed in her lower jaw, for us to fabricate a very solid clip-­and-­attachment retained lower denture.


Paula suffered with a loose lower denture for years. With only 2 implants placed we were able to fabricate a bar so that we could make her new denture with an internal clip to snap into place on the bar.


Mildred was never happy having to wear a lower denture. She finally decided to have implants placed in her lower jaw so we could fabricate a fixed prosthesis to replace her lower teeth. She said it was like having her own teeth again.