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Full Rehabilitation


Darek was a “bruxer” and had ground down most of his teeth almost to the gumline. His therapy started with surgical gum recontouring to expose more tooth structure. Then with carefully crafted provisional restorations we opened his bite to recover the lost vertical dimension of his face. We eventually carried through with the definitive restorations which involved crowns on all his teeth. He was thrilled with his new smile which was a great bonus of fixing his teeth!


Anthony had a severe overbite, very worn down teeth, and was very heavily restored and most of his restorations were failing. His treatment involved orthodontics, some gum recontouring, an implant, and new crowns on all his teeth. This multidisciplinary solution is often the best approach for the longest lasting and most functional and esthetic result.


Diana’s teeth were all quite heavily restored, very worn, and extremely sensitive. By restoring all her teeth to their original form with ceramic crowns, not only did it improve her comfort and function, but we also gave her back her beautiful smile.


Jason suffered from ‘Amelogenesis Imperfecta’, a congenital condition where the enamel doesn’t form properly on the teeth. His treatment involved periodontal crown lengthening surgery and crowns on all his teeth.


This patient was congenitally missing most of her permanent teeth and the ones that did form were very small and had drifted out of position. Her therapy involved orthodontics, jaw surgery, implants, and crown and bridgework to restore all her teeth.The treatment took several years but she was an excellent patient that was ecstatic with the results.


Kurt was a tooth grinder but also had significant chemical erosion of his teeth. He had lost several of his back teeth which contributed to a “roller coaster occlusal plane”. Further complicating his situation was the fact that he had recurrent decay around several teeth. We started by identifying problems with his diet, improved his oral hygiene, and then reconstructed his dentition. This involved some gum contouring around his back teeth, replacing missing teeth with implants, and restoring his proper bite with crowns. Kurt’s been thrilled with the result, and all his teeth absolutely feel like they’ve always been a natural part of him. He tells me that he smiles a lot more than he used to!