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Dentures & Partials


This young lady had a lot of early challenges in her life, and one of the results was a hopeless dentition, which made her too embarrassed to ever smile. She eventually turned things around, and the dentures we made for her gave her such a beautiful smile that she began to beam with self confidence


Ernie had an old upper denture with broken and worn teeth, and it also had loosened over the years. In just a few easy visits he had his smile back, and a much tighter and more comfortable denture


Celine was missing several upper teeth and the remaining ones were heavily restored and worn down. We gave her back her beautiful smile with some crowns and a precision fitting removable partial denture.


Sam was missing several teeth and the remaining ones were very deteriorated. With his new dentures eating became a lot easier and he hasn’t stopped smiling yet!


Mary’s old dentures were quite worn out and she wanted a more youthful look. Her new ones provided more lip support and gave her the fuller smile she remembered having.