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Martin used to be a tooth grinder and wore his teeth down until they almost didn’t show. His multi­-disciplinary treatment involved some braces, gum recontouring, and ceramic crowns on his upper and lower front teeth.


Christie worked in the dental field and didn’t like the “artificial” look of an old crown on her lateral. We replaced it with one that matched her natural teeth more closely.


Crowns are the perfect solution to restore and strengthen old heavily restored and discolored teeth. Two new crowns on Pat’s lower teeth were such an easy fix that she wondered why she waited so long to do it.


Ceramic crowns are the restorations of choice for severely worn, broken down, or heavily restored teeth. Such was the case with John, where just five ceramic crowns restored his teeth to their original beauty and made a big difference in his smile.


Chrystal’s front teeth had been restored several years ago with composite bonding and metal-­ceramic crowns. She wanted a general improvement in appearance which we accomplished with Zirconium-­based all-­ceramic crowns on her six front teeth.


For years Bruce had been having his front teeth “patched” with fillings. He finally decided that he was tired of their uneven, discolored, and worn appearance. We restored them with all­-porcelain crowns, which in addition to being long-­lasting restorations, they also enabled us to improve the esthetic appearance of his teeth.


Jan had several old failing restorations and felt that her front teeth had been deteriorating. We placed crowns on the involved teeth, which not only greatly improved her function, but also restored her beautiful smile.


As a professional cheerleader she felt that her dark root­-canal treated tooth detracted from her smile. We restored it with a crown, which both strengthened it as well as made it much more esthetic.